BinaryEdge - A Coalition company

BinaryEdge has been acquired by Coalition

"...and this is how we are going to solve cyber risk" - When Joshua Motta finished this sentence, I knew that we needed to work together.


If you've been a regular reader of our blog or follow me on twitter, you know internet data and cyber insurance are two of my biggest passions.

Looking at the amazing progress that Coalition has made in the cyber insurance space, where they want to go, and overlaying it with the vision we have for BinaryEdge, it was clear that our union would propel both companies forward.

Cyber insurance is now a critical tool in the security portfolio of every company. Most have come to understand that becoming 100% percent secure isn’t possible, and that a cyber insurance policy can often be the only thing stopping a business from going under.

Combining the strengths of BinaryEdge and Coalition will allow us to dramatically change the market for cyber insurance (and cybersecurity!) — BinaryEdge internet scan data combined with Coalition’s cyber insurance products, platform, and a combined 40 person strong engineering and security team will massively improve the way cyber insurance is being done. Together we have the ability to quickly understand a policyholders’ exposure to current and future threats, find their hidden assets and notify them about important security facts that might affect them.

What does this mean for BinaryEdge customers?


We are hiring more people to accelerate our roadmap and now have more resources to bring you more data and features. We have a set of interesting features coming and we could not be more excited to show them to you.

On the SaaS community side, we remain as committed as ever to work with everyone with adding the tags, features, and changes that everyone in the community asks of us. We, together with Coalition, want to see the community grow even further, and this acquisition allows us to devote more time to work on that.

BinaryEdge’s focus remains to find and deliver the best internet security data and products to its (and Coalition’s) customers. Together with Coalition we also hope to make more and more features available for free to security teams and the broader security community. Stay tuned!

What about Coalition customers?

The addition of BinaryEdge technology to the Coalition platform will give Coalition’s policyholders the ability to find, investigate, and monitor their assets, and is included at no cost for every Coalition policyholder.

These new capabilities will allow for a continuous improvement of policyholders’ security by providing them with security insights of their internet exposed assets.


To the entire team at BinaryEdge, I thank you all for making my dream yours and being the most competent, hard, and smart working group of people I have ever met.

To the team at Coalition and Joshua Motta, thank you for the warm welcome and we look forward to working with everyone in your team on building what we believe is the future of cyber insurance.

PS: If your OSINT game was strong, you might have caught a glimpse of our first team get together a while ago in a photo...


This blogpost was written by Tiago Henriques - CEO at BinaryEdge