Trick or Treat a new price is neat!


At BinaryEdge we love halloween. The masks, the candy, what's not to love?

Thinking about halloween, we started wondering what could we give to our community that we love so much?

We teased you on twitter last night and you certainly made your view clear. You wanted a treat!

Over the last months you guys have given us so much, in the form of: tags for our sensors, probes for our scanners, new features and advice on making our UI better.

Because of that, we felt we needed to give back in a BIG way, or in this case, actually in a small way.

We say small, because we are making something smaller, and that something, is our price.

From today onwards the price of Starter accounts will change from $50/month to $10/month.


We want to see our community grow, from day 1 we always wanted to be the best platform for internet data (both scanning and listening to the internet) and you guys have shown us that the more we can grow the community the better we can also be, with this change we are hoping entry barrier will be lowered for those that have wanted to collaborate and do more with us but were restricted by the 250 credit limit.

By having a paid account, of course you will also get access to a bunch of other features that the free account didn't have access to!

Don't forget to use your referral codes as well!

We certainly hope you enjoy this trick or treat gift we are giving you and come join our slack where we discuss new features, new data and discuss how to make BinaryEdge the best platform for internet data!