New module and type:RethinkDB

Continuing our weekly module and type release, you can now find RethinkDB on the platform.

RethinkDB is a free and open-source, distributed document-oriented database originally created by the company of the same name. The database stores JSON documents with dynamic schemas, and is designed to facilitate pushing real-time updates for query results to applications.


As with any other type, to look at the data use the query


and immediately you can see all results, as seen on the following image:


On top for this one we have United states followed by Singapore, France, Germany and Netherlands.

You can to free text search on database and table names by using

type:rethinkdb rethinkdb.database_names:test


type:rethinkdb rethinkdb.table_names:test

Another interesting query about RethinkDB is:

product:"RethinkDB Administration Console httpd"

This will show if your IP address is exposing an Administration Console for RethinkDB.

This module is now available to enterprise clients for use on their on-demand scans!

As usual with other technologies you can and should add authentication to your rethinkDB, all these rethinkDBs had absolutely no authentication.