New Module and Type: Cassandra

This week the new module and type of data we're releasing is Cassandra.

Cassandra is a database technology used for high availability and scalability by multiple companies worldwide.

Cassandra is in use at Constant Contact, CERN, Comcast, eBay, GitHub, GoDaddy, Hulu, Instagram, Intuit, Netflix, Reddit, The Weather Channel, and over 1500 more companies that have large, active data sets.


Although not found in such high quantities such as MongoDB or Elasticsearch, the type of data typically contained in a Cassandra database appears to be more critical.

As usual, if you want to see all the data from worldwide the query to use on the portal is:



At the time of this writing a little over 2300 cassandra databases have been found with no authentication.

United States leads the top countries with Cassandra databases, followed by France, China, Germany and Ireland.

We can already see some Cassandra databases found in alternative ports.

You also have the ability to search on specific features of the Cassandra Module.

The query

type:cassandra AND cassandra.table_names:customers*

will tell you all Cassandra databases that have tables named customers, another example is

type:cassandra AND cassandra.keyspaces:email*

this will search the Cassandra Keyspaces for the word email.

The Cassandra module is also now available for scans on demand for enterprise customers and has been added to the "DATABASES" tag on the Hosts function.

Documentation for the module can be read here:

Cassandra supports authentication natively. We advise all organizations to read the documentation, understand the best practises and correctly configure their technology stacks.