New Module and Type: MQTT

In an era where IoT is on the rise MQTT stands as a commonly used protocol to exchange messages between devices / brokers.

Our MQTT module has existed for 4 years for enterprise clients and now it is also present on

You can see the documentation here:

And this is the distribution and statistics for this months scan:


Nearly 39k brokers found with no authenthication of any kind. (we're not importing MQTT brokers with authentication)

China tops the countries found followed by USA, Germany, Korea and France.

For MQTT We show you the following:


mqtt.auth - does the broker have any type of auth?
mqtt.version - which version of the mqtt protocol is it using
mqtt.num_topics - number of topics on the broker
mqtt.topics - list of topic names
mqtt.messages - sample of messages on the broker

To see if your organization is affected you can use the following queries:

type:mqtt asn:"asn number"

type:mqtt ip:"cidr"