BinaryEdge - Referrals and Statistics

One new feature we are adding this week is an extra way for you to receive credits.

It is now deployed a referral system where if you share your code with friends and they sign up for a paid account you will both earn extra credits.

The way it works right now is that each account has a unique code, you share that code with friends, if they sign up for a paid account each of you will get an extra 500 credits permanently added to your account!

This is an extra mechanism that goes along with all the ones we mentioned on our previous blogpost, as a way for you to get extra credits!

Another feature we are adding this week, is something we were asked by some community users. Usually when you do a query on the hosts feature, you get some statistics about the query it self, like countries, ASN, Top products...

Up until now we didn't have a API endpoint for this. This has now changed, and we've added a statistics endpoint for you guys to be able to do cool plots and tweets as we do:

All documentation has been updated: