BinaryEdge reward system

It has been three months since we created and what we hear most regularly is

"Can we have more credits on the free account?"

This led us to create a reward based system, where you can easily get credits and at same time improve the platform we all love! We are also increasing the free credits from 50 to 100.

The reward system is divided in 3 tiers and new conditions might be added or moved from each tier.

Tier 1 - You will receive 100 credits

  • Suggest new features on our github -
  • Comment constructively on one of the open issues in
  • Provide us with a new probe (see FAQ) to identify a service or tag (ie: I found this database you are missing on the databases tag, or on our sinkhole data looking at payloads and telling us what it is associated with) - You can do it in the form of an issue or report it to us via slack
  • Improvement to documentation - Our docs can be found in the following link - improvements for the documentation will be rewarded. (No adding one comma or punctuation doesn't count! :) )

Tier 2 - You will receive 500 credits

  • New library or code fixes - There are currently two libraries: pybinaryedge and rbinaryedge - information about their respective githubs can be found in the documentation or follow these links - and You can also develop a library for a new language and per API endpoint you will get the 50 credits.
  • Bug report - any bugs found on API's or platform in general report via issues on github
  • Improvement to our risk scoring framework -
  • New module or interesting service to scan for - Help us identify a new product by providing the necessary set of packets to be sent
  • Integration - If you integrate the BinaryEdge API with other platforms per feature we will give you the 500 credits.

Tier 3 - You will receive 1000-5000

  • Serious security flaw in our systems- RCE, Dataleaks - we reserve the right to attribute a chosen number of credits depending on the finding
  • Enterprise client referral - if you get an enterprise client to sign up for our enterprise offering

Discount code

We've now added a discount code system, often we get conferences that want to collaborate with us and we now have an easy system where we can generate discount codes to be offered at conferences.

To celebrate the launch of this feature we have now valid for 1 week only, a discount code that will give you 10% off your monthly payment for 6 months. To obtain this code please join our slack and see the message pinned on #general channel! :)


  • What is a probe ?
    A: a set of requests or packets that allow us to identify a service that we currently don't identify.
    • If you do a GET to "/setup/eureka_info" on port 8008 you can identify a Chromecast.
    • If you send "@RSYNCD: 31.0\n" to port 873 you will be able to identify RSYNC servers.