Cyberinsurance, IP risk scoring and cybersecurity

Meet "Rate My IP".

Over the last few months, BinaryEdge has been in discussion with insurers, and understanding the pain points that they have when it comes to cybersecurity.

The main pain points that we gathered could be broken down as follows:

  • No vision into the security hygiene of the companies they are insuring.

  • No communication cycle between them and their clients on the improvement of their security level

  • Lack of a standard or framework on how to rate and evaluate cybersecurity.

With this in mind, and cyberinsurance being an area that we have on our roadmap for some of our next products and deas (that's for another blogpost), we decided that step one, would be to try and create an open risk scoring framework with the data that we have at hand.

Designed following the ideas of great websites like and when you visit "Rate my ip" our system will detect your IP Address and query our database of scanning data for the last 60 days, it will grab that data, pass it through a formula and give you a rating.

What is the difference and how can I help?

We created a base formula which can be found fully described on: we believe this formula can be improved, but we also believe it has to be discussed in the community, hence why we created the base and with your help we would like to expand it.

The idea is that if you don't agree with some of our scoring, or if you think there are "extra things we should take into account on our formula" you can submit a pull request with your comments and people can vote, comment and we will adapt the system shall a change be accepted.

To know how our dataset looks like check our API information, there are samples of data from our modules in there.

Please check the FAQ as it answers some questions you might have.