Internet Security Exposure 2016

For over a year, BinaryEdge has been scanning the IPv4 space of the Internet daily. Using our 40FY platform we gather data that allows us to write blogposts such as our analysis of the state of security of specific countries like Switzerland and Portugal.

To celebrate October as the month of Cybersecurity, we went the extra mile and instead of looking at a restricted number of IP addresses or a specific country, we decided to look at the entire internet.

We felt it was important to move from our usual microscopic view of specific networks and countries, into a macroscopic view that allowed us to look at the internet as a whole.

From this view we can see things not only at a different scale, but the changes that appear also give you an idea of what is happening on different networks, we see events like databases being firewalled and less data being exposed to the internet or how new IP addresses running these services appear on each day and again increase the quantity of data exposed, or providers cutting off access to cable modems.

And now, you too can also have this view.

BinaryEdge is happy to make public our first internet security report.

Download here