Announcing: Cyberfables

For far too long we've heard "The problem of security is always the user", so we decided to put our heads to work to try and tackle this problem.

For the last couple of months we have been so focused on our B2B product that it felt great to start thinking about the complete opposite direction (B2C).

We started by thinking about the approach we should take, we looked at what had been done before not just in information security but also in other areas.

On our research 2 techniques were clear that we needed to use, funny enough one of them we are already regular users at BinaryEdge.

These techniques are: storytelling and gamification. Perfect examples of apps that use these techniques are Habitica and Duolingo. Both are amazing and serve as a great inspiration to some of our work.

Even if you look at our blogposts we try at times to experiment with Storytelling as we feel it allows us to break down concepts to our users that are usually hard to understand.

We then turned our heads to how would we do the delivery. We thought about creating just a blog, or some videos, but we felt that would not be enough. We settled on creating a mobile app. One that could help, guide and provide the tools to be used by non-technical users.

Thats how we ended up with Cyberfables.

Cyberfables is our second product and our first focused on a B2C approach. We intend to use it to teach users and give them easy to use tools to secure themselves right with their mobile phones and other devices such as the Apple TV.

We have released the first version, which provides a small intro to IP addresses, Networks and how a user can scan their network to understand what is around them. The app is supported by stories that are told in the Cyberfables blog.

Feel free to give our new app a go, and give us feedback.

We look forward to see what users do with our app and things that they would like to learn about.

By the way, meet our crew of members of the Cyberfables world, Teddy and our yet to be named cyber villain.