Should Ashley Madison buy cinemas?


During the latest weeks everyone has been talking about the Ashley Madison hack. It was interesting from a cybersecurity perspective but also from a data science perspective.

Our team has been working on a data report from this hack and producing some statistical analysis on it. We love to play with data, analyse it and discover what story the data is telling us.

The data needs to tell a story. And in this case instead of looking at it from an analytical and numerical perspective, we decided to look at different perspectives such as psychological, behavioural and political.

We would therefore like to hear from you how you feel and your opinion about the data we are presenting you next.

Here at BinaryEdge we are big fans of data as you might have noticed from our previous blogpost.

Our real interest in data always comes from the story it might tell us and how it affects the world we are observing.

The Data

The data we are presenting you with is as follows:

A geographical breakdown of the following fields were looked upon:

  • Looking for - What each user is looking for in others;
  • Turns me on - What each user is turned on by;
  • Open to - What each user is open to do with others.

Please look at our Ashley Madison world MAP, and by clicking the different countries you will be able to explore the data and tell us your thoughts underneath in the comments section.

Hint: The title of the blogpost is a possible question that could be answered by some of the data presented.

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