bSides Lisbon 2015 - Research, community and us.


bSides Lisbon 2015 is now over. BinaryEdge was working closely with bSidesLisbon both as a sponsor, organiser (Tiago Henriques, our CEO, is one of the original founders of bSides Lisbon along with Bruno Morisson) and we also had our CEO (Tiago Henriques) and CTO (Tiago Martins) deliver a presentation about some of our research.

Over the course of this blogpost we want to write a little bit about our presentation, the conference and some of our future objectives.

bSides Lisbon is a conference that is very dear to our hearts, we participated in the first edition (both as organisers and speakers) and had the pleasure of becoming sponsors now on the second edition.

For us being involved in bSides Lisbon is a very clear and obvious choice.

This conference is located in Portugal, where most our technical team is located, where some of us were born and started to learn about infosec - it's a country that we believe has a lot of potential from an infosec perspective.

And we had a blast.

Our Slides:

The Video of our talk:

Some important points to take away from our talk:

  • Distribution is king when it comes to acquiring internet-wide telemetry.
  • We are focusing on building a highly scalable, technology agnostic, micro-service based architecture that can handle high quantities of data, create realtime streams and that can be updated, maintianed and modified easily by breaking it into multiple components instead of focusing on building one big monster.
  • We want to consume all types of data from different data points. These data points can be consumed by us or bought from other entities.
  • We want to correlate different types of data, create models and automate a lot of data analysis work using machine learning.
  • We have created a structure that defines how our company works, products are built and people work that is focused on data.
  • We measure our own data and create confidence levels across our data pipeline.
  • There are lots of different technologies, make sure you try a couple, don't get tied down and make sure you can change them easily.

If you are interested in what we are doing feel free to email us on [email protected], we are always interested in discussing details with investors, clients or technical people that want to learn.