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September 2015

The Data Science Workflow

by Florentino Bexiga, on datascience, machinelearning

When dealing with data, it helps to have a well defined workflow. Specifically, whether we want to perform an analysis with the sole intent of "telling the story" (Data Visualisation/Journalism) or build a system that relies on data to model a certain task (Data Mining), process matters. By defining a methodology in advance, teams are in sync and it is easier to avoid losing time trying to figure out…



August 2015

Ashley Madison - A final analysis of the data

by BinaryEdge, on datascience, privacy, ashleymadison

Companies nowadays offer all kinds of services that use your personal data in order to provide personalised customer experiences. But to what extent is your personal data safe? Systems can be breached and, when that happens, the data that was supposed to be private goes public and can result in all kinds of nefarious consequences. The Ashley Madison website hack was the most recent case of private data leakage becoming…



August 2015

Should Ashley Madison buy cinemas?

by BinaryEdge, on datascience, privacy

Introduction During the latest weeks everyone has been talking about the Ashley Madison hack. It was interesting from a cybersecurity perspective but also from a data science perspective. Our team has been working on a data report from this hack and producing some statistical analysis on it. We love to play with data, analyse it and discover what story the data is telling us. The data needs to tell a…