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October 2015

Patreon Leak Analysis

by Filipa Rodrigues

Introduction Earlier this week we published an overview on the data leak from the Patreon website as the first of a two-part article. Following this last post, we present now a small analysis on such data, in order to see some of the interesting pieces of information that can emerge. As we have seen in our last blogpost, a lot of the leak's data concerns users' private information. Needless to…



October 2015

Patreon Leak Overview

by Filipa Rodrigues

Introduction Another week, another leak. It would appear that we live in dangerous times, since it wasn't that long ago that the popular dating website Ashley Madison suffered a leakage of data (which we have talked about here) and now, news came out that yet another set of internal data was leaked to the public. This time, it was the crowdfunding website Patreon that has suffered a major leak and…