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March 2016

Security of a Country: Portugal

by ana barbosa

Portugal is our second destination in our series “Security of a Country”. Back in 2012, some of our team members conducted a research about the state of cybersecurity in Portugal at that time. After 4 years and with big developments in our 40fy platform, we decided to gather some fresh new data and re-analyse the security of the country. Portugal, as Switzerland, is a beloved country to BinaryEdge, since most…



February 2016

Security of a Country: Switzerland

by ana barbosa

At BinaryEdge, we are constantly assessing the state of the Internet, looking for open services and/or products that might impact the security of the end users. So we thought it would be interesting to share some of this information with you and, with that in mind, we decided to start a new series of blogposts. Each blogpost of this series will focus on a specific country, taking a high…